What are logging services?

There are many types of wireline logs and they can be categorized either by their function or by the technology that they use. "Open hole logs" are run before the oil or gas well is lined with pipe or cased. "Cased hole logs" are run after the well is lined with casing or production pipe. Furthermore, wireline logs can be divided into broad categories based on the physical properties measured.

What we provide?

Based on over 15 years of experiences of OPC experts on log interpretation, there are below abilities for evaluating the variety of unconventional and conventional logs:

·         Formation evaluation by using conventional logs and core by various software such as Geolog, Techlog, Emeraude and IP

·         Image log evaluation such as FMI, FMS, OBMI, UBI, XRMI, CBIL, STAR, USIT, EMI…..

·         CMR and MRIL evaluation

·         DSI , XMAC,….evaluation

·         Integrated petrophysical evaluation,

·         Wellbore stabilities analysis (Geomechanic)

·         MDT evaluation,

·         Well testing

·         Rock typing, flow unit, permeability and porosity evaluation,

·         Water saturation modelling

·         Fracture analysis

·         PLT, RAT, SAT, CAT analysis

·         PNN, TDT ….analysis

·         Core study

·         Teaching petrophysical software