What is Cementing?

Cementing is one of the most important operations performed on a well in order to ensure complete zonal isolation, aquifer protection, and the structural integrity of the wellbore. Without it, the well may never reach its full production potential, and liquids from one zone could interfere with, or be lost to, another. After drilling a well, steel pipe - called casing - is inserted into the hole. Cement is then pumped down the pipe and circulated up the annulus to create a strong barrier of protection between the well and rock formations.

Cementing services at OPC benefits the support of leading international group with over 25 years of experience in primary and remedial cementing services in the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia As new technologies and techniques become routine, operators are demanding new approaches to well cementing. Exploring high pressure, high temperature deep gas potentials and having to comply with stringent environmental regulations drives the need to continuously improve cementing systems and equipment design.

What we provide?

·         Cementing equipment with complete automatic density control capabilities

·         Large volume batch mixers allowing for less equipment on location

·         Oshore skids and trailer mounted pumping units

·         Complete API standard lab facilities for testing slurries and other fluids

·         Coiled Tubing assist for selectively spotting cement plugs

·         Customized cement systems for specific applications (gas migration, ultra-light weight, flexible cement, high temperature slurries)

·         Extensive database of knowledge and experience, which can be applied to the design of your next well